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is-takeoff-dead Click on the Link above to read a article from Oncenter Software Company on changes happening in the construction industry and in particular the architects and new programs they are using and what it means for all construction estimators whether they are working for General Contractors or individual specialty subcontractors in the different trades. Read More

There are many ways to repair punctures and dents other bad places in Gypsum Wallboard and type of repair you are trying to make should determine the way you go about making the repair. For dings or dents it is best to just use was is known as drywall compound that is typically used for Read More

Estimating should be done in a very orderly set pattern, so that you are sure you have covered everything, that is important and associated to what you are taking off regardless of what it is. I usually start with the specifications taking notes, and making a list of what I am looking for, that are to be used Read More

Over many years working as a Drywall Sub-Contractor working for myself, as well as other companies, doing the same thing I learned many ways to check myself to be sure what I was doing was correct and that I wasn’t missing anything and yet stayed competitive in what I was doing. And also learned many shortcuts to Read More